A new version of Walk with fastai has been released!

Please check out the latest version of Walk with fastai here which contains updated notebooks and content, as well as other courses available!

Welcome to Walk with fastai!

This project was started by me (Zachary Mueller) as a way to collect interesting techniques dotted throughout the fast.ai forums, my own course materials, and the fantastic work of others into one centralized place.

The goal is to have something much more than a “fastai recipe book,” where instead authors can explore in-depth into topics involving the usage of the fastai library.

You can find available courses and tutorials by topic below.

Walk with fastai

Come learn how to use fastai from an application-based approach, diving into multiple case studies per lecture.

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Tutorials centering around Computer Vision and using fastai

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Tutorials centering around tabular data and using fastai

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General Training

Tutorials covering aspects of the fastai training loop

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