A Brief History

Photo of Zach Mueller My road to machine learning was not a straight path. For most of my life I had wanted to do marine biology, researching all I could, even going as far as taking over the family basement and turning it into my own marine breeding facility. I had even managed to secure an internship as a senior in high school at a university research lab. However, soon in college I realized marine biology was not what I was meant to do, and I switched over to Computer Science.

About six months in I had discovered (through my dad) the fastai course and forums. I soon realized I really enjoyed working on machine learning libraries, and dove into fastai as much as I could, while still maintaining a full-time education at the University of West Florida.

As I learned more and more, I slowly became a senior contributor to the fastai project and a leader in the fastai community. What followed was an explosion in learning, creating, and helping raise the community even further through more advanced projects, sharper tutorials, and being actively involved in helping others solve problems when using the library.

Now I'm a Machine Learning Engineer out of Novetta, and looking to integrate more libraries into the fastai framework.


I have been attending the University of West Florida from Fall 2016 through Spring 2021, and will be graduating with:

B.S. in Software Design and Development
Minor in Computer Science
Minor in Environmental Science

Published Works

Along the way I published a paper:

A Neural Network Model to Identify Relative Movements from Wearable Devices

Came up with my own Deep Learning course:

Walk with fastai

And wrote quite a few blogs on the fastai framework and PyTorch:

My Blog


An NLP library for predicting, training, fine-tuning, and serving state-of-the-art models.

Docs GitHub


A library designed for converting non-nbdev projects and libraries to nbdev.

Docs GitHub


A library that improves the debugging messages for Pytorch and fastai.

Docs GitHub


The source code for the Walk with fastai project, also as a usable package

Docs GitHub


A collection of inference modules designed for improving fastai deployment latency and performance

Docs GitHub