Lesson Video:

About this course/study group:

  • It's a hybrid
  • Like Practical Deep Learning for Coders but many bonuses
  • Spans 2-3 hours depending on who stays with 1-1.5 hour lectures

About Me:

  • Been doing fastai for 1.5 years
  • A few projects (some involving fastai, some not)
  • University undergraduate, Software Design and Development with a minor in ES

Why did I make this?

  • Make fastai accessable to Undergraduates at my school (University of West Florida)
  • We both learn
  • Techniques not mentioned in the course


  • A Google account to use Google Colaboratory (what I am in right now)
  • A Paperspace account for Natural Language Processing


  • Key to making study groups work!
  • We have a dedicated mega-thread on the fastai forums here for us to use!
  • No question is too stupid!

Environment setup

Google Colaboratory - Free GPU's

Go to here to start using it.

File -> Open notebook

Select from GitHub and use the following URL: muellerzr/A-walk-with-fastai

Choose open in a new tab

And now your screen looks similar to below! (With what I am using instead)

alt text

Changing our processer to a GPU

  • 'Runtime'
  • 'Change runtime type'
  • 'Runtime type' should be 'Python 3'
  • 'Hardware accelerator' should be 'GPU'

Initial Run Warning (For pulling from GitHub)

If you get a pop up saying 'Warning: This notebook was not authored by Google,' check 'Reset all runtimes before running' and click 'Run Anyway'

alt text

Saving your work

For now this will just save the notebook on their cloud, we will look next week how to utilize your Google Drives!

alt text