A brief sentence describing the goal of the article

Notebooks should be named by their sections as well as a topic. Such as how this one is 01_intro (for introduction section) .contribute (as it's the contribution guide). Another example would be 02_vision.classification.single_label

In the very first part of your notebook you should denote the fastai and fastcore versions, as well as any other library used. I have a cookie-cutter cell below. Simply call state_versions with a list of your libraries being used and it will display them in Markdown.

Ensure you have a #hide_input comment above the function call so the documentation looks clean.

This article is also a Jupyter Notebook available to be run from the top down. There will be code snippets that you can then run in any environment. Below are the versions of fastai fastcore currently running at the time of writing this:

  • fastai: 2.0.14
  • fastcore: 1.0.11

From here you should denote sections with two ##, walking users through your problem or example you are showing:

My Problem

My problem is x, below we will try to solve x using y. (No need for verbatum, be as creative as you would like to be!)

Ideally if you are walking through an implementation, at the end show an example of how to perform both batch and single input predictions. (see vision.classification.single_label for an example)

Submitting a PR

Once you've written your notebook, simply submit your PR to the repo and I will review it!